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Ethical Sourcing

Myer is committed to the highest level of integrity and ethics in our business operations and work with partners that share our values. Myer requires all employees, whether our own or our suppliers, be treated with respect and dignity; be provided a safe work environment free from discrimination, abuse, harassment; are protected against forced labour or child labour; be compensated fairly; and allowed the freedom of association and right to collective bargain.

Myer’s ethical sourcing program outlines our commitment to observing and respecting human rights, as well as to support the continuous improvement of processes in place to mitigate these risks within the supply chain.

Our Ethical Sourcing Policy covers a range of key labour indicators such as wages and benefits, working hours and discrimination, and further outlines our zero tolerance stance on forced and child labour, bribery, as well as requiring suppliers to consider and minimise impacts on the environment.

This Policy is enforced through our social compliance audit program, with factories required to provide a valid audit report prior to being registered as a supplier, and ongoing audits required in accordance with risk profiling. These audits ensure that suppliers are held to account with regard to fair remuneration, excessive overtime and freedom of association; assessing workplace health and safety components and that suppliers operate in accordance with the local laws of countries or regions in which they manufacture.

Myer recognises it is on a journey to continuously improve our ethical sourcing processes, and remain committed to working with and encouraging collaboration with our industry associates, as well as government organisations and NGO’s to identify opportunities to build, maintain and strengthen processes and systems for respecting human rights.


As we navigate the unique challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, the safety, health and wellbeing of our people and those in our supply chain worldwide remains our priority.

The Myer store closures as a result of Covid-19 in March caused a profound level of disruption both to the Myer retail operation and to our supply chain. Myer acted promptly to ensure the welfare of team members in our stores, as well as to ensure the viability of future operations both for Myer and our supply partners.

This disruption demanded an extensive amount of adjustment and re-phasing of orders. This process was managed through open dialogue and collaboration with all parties to ensure the pain of disruption was manageable and the long term continuity of supply is maintained.

We are committed to understanding and mitigating risks faced by workers in our supply chain ongoing and particularly during this unprecedented time. The Myer ethical sourcing framework demands safe working conditions and Myer is closely monitoring the implementation and maintenance of the required government and regional protocols to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infection throughout the Myer supply chain.

We are working with and encourage collaboration with our industry associates, as well as government organisations and NGO’s to identify opportunities to further support factory workers and suppliers to ensure we build back better together.

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